CARFMS12: Restructuring Refuge and Settlement



Travel and Accommodation: Getting to York from the Airport


York University is located at the north west boundary of Toronto. Public transportation from the airport, while possible, is not that convenient.

The least painful way to get to York would be by taxi, which costs an average of CAD$50-55 each way. Sharing a taxi with fellow participants would definitely lighten the financial burden. If you would like to find someone to share with, we recommend that you join the CARFMS Facebook group where participants will be able to communicate with each other. The group is located here:

Alternatively, you can find out about using the public transportation system here:

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Travel and Accommodation: Visitor's Visas

Information about how to get a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada can be found at the following links:

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Travel and Accommodation: On Campus Accommodation

Information about on campus accommodation can be found here (click on the "More" link to the right ------>)  
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Program: Preliminary Program


The preliminary program (as of April 10, 2012) is now available:

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Registration: How to Register

You will get a confirmation email within 24 hours that will inform you of your payment options - either by sending us a cheque or pay directly online with a credit card.  
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